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We specialize in Hollywood’s “Fast Track” tactics to reach a global audience quickly.

Show + Business™


We are an award winning, multi-media agency providing project development and management, marketing, sales and funding expertise to filmmakers, media and tech firms and nonprofit organizations around the world.


We developed a global distribution platform dedicated to promoting client’s projects and campaigns, conduct consumer-oriented research, provide industry insight and generate incremental impressions.


We have helped more than 25 tech and media entrepreneurs develop business plans used to raise over $570 million in funding.


We are experts at launching and nurturing brands both domestically and internationally so your project is in good hands.


We have decades of scriptwriting experience helping storytellers and production companies, from start-ups to large corporations.

Building Global Brands and Award-Winning Campaigns for over 20 years.


Hollywood content is 40% more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.


Nearly 80% of Hollywood will look at your IMDB profile before deciding to do business with you.


72% of Hollywood professionals name TV as the content with the best Return on Investment.


We promote unique, independent voices by helping filmmakers create and advance new work. We are market leaders in selling multi-platform content across over 125 territories to more than 1,000 licensees. Expertise in distributing all content genres and formats.


We work as Screenwriters, Co-Writers, GhostWriters, Script Doctors and Story Consultants – credited and uncredited – to create great movies and TV series with the top Hollywood, Independent and Global award-winning directors, producers and showrunners.

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Intellectual Property

Films, Television, Books


Real Estate

Bungalows, Studios, Cottages


Ocean Conservation

Reptiles, Mammals, Fish


We allocate a portion of our income to Projects that Advocate the Protection of our Coastal Seas.

Keep The Sea Plastic Free