Training for a career in Hollywood.

A student can learn how to start a Hollywood career with a 4-week intensive learning program at our premier Hunan Film / Tipstor? Studios facility in Las Vegas. Hunan Film and Tipstor? Studios seek to be top leaders in talent development for the Hollywood film industry by training the next generation.


  • Starting From Scratch
  • Legal Structure
  • Finance Structure
  • Investment Memorandum
  • Selling the Investor
  • Pre-Production Business
  • Production Business
  • Post Production Business 
  • Budgets
  • Sales Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Performance Tracking
  • Post-mortem Auditing

The Hunan Hollywood Academy features Tipstor??s seasoned Hollywood professionals sharing their knowledge and experience with the intent of launching many careers and positively influencing the quality of future Chinese films and tv entertainment. Students will be able to experience firsthand what it?s like to work in a real Hollywood movie studio, on projects being produced and created by Hunan Film and Tipstor? Studios, where the magic happens.

Our team will show students how they can be a valuable part of any Hollywood Film studio or production team, where everyday is an insightful, hands-on opportunity to learn how their talent can be part of a Tipstor? Studios project. When students train at the Hunan Hollywood Academy, not only will they be disciplined as a Hollywood film artist, but they will learn by working on an actual film being produced by Hunan Film.


1. Real-World Training

Intensive 40-hour weeks for applying different concepts from the lessons to real life studio expectations under Hunan Film and Ford Studios art directives.

2. Contribute to Projects

Usage of students? work in Hunan Film feature film projects, including characters and concept art for backgrounds, props, vehicles, architecture, and much more.

3. Work Portfolio

Receive assistance and direction in putting together a great work history portfolio at the end of the Hunan Hollywood Academy certificate program, which students can show to any Hollywood studio for which they want to work.

4. Practice Interviews

Practice interviews and career training with a veteran Hollywood hiring manager and studio Director to help students get their dream job in Hollywood.   

5. Certificate of Achievement

Receive an official Hunan Hollywood Academy Diploma, in partnership with University of Las Vegas and Coastal Carolina University to take to the next Hollywood entertainment career job.

6. Internship Validation

Fulfill internship requirements by many college film programs.

When a student receives a graduation certificate from the Hunan Hollywood Academy, they will have a professional portfolio that any Film or Hollywood studio would love to see.