Today’s brands need results now. Tipstor® modeled the entire process around “the urgency of now,” quickly aligning strategy and creative to identify brand stories. Without a well-defined identity, the effectiveness of your brand marketing efforts will almost surely fall short of their potential.


A strategic roadmap for your brand can be the difference between success and failure. Tipstor® brand experts can develop a strategic plan that accounts for all aspects of your brand marketing to ensure success for both present and future.


A brand is so much more than a logo. It is both the visual and verbal expression of your company or product. It evolves as your project grows to ensure you remain relevant, timeless, and future-proof. We develop brands that deliver results on a high level.


As small as it may seem, your logo design is quite possibly the single most visible component in your brand repertoire. We take pride in creating memorable logos that reflect our clients’ businesses objectives in an impactful way.


In order to maintain brand consistency, rules need to be set in place for all types of implementation. Tipstor® develops comprehensive style-guides that help define a variety of media applications and scenarios.


Sometimes you simply need to understand where you are to figure out where you are going. Brand audits give you a realistic assessment of all aspects of your existing brand. It allows you to maintain brand equity and evolve to a better place for the future.


Your company name says a lot about you. It is intended to be timeless, therefore should be approached from a place of strategic intelligence. Tipstor® brand marketing experts have years of experience in business and product naming.