Preparing for a Hollywood career.

Student/Fellows learn how to start a Hollywood career with a 4-week intensive learning program at our premier Tipstor® facility in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Tipstor® seeks to be a top leader in talent development for the Hollywood film industry by training the next generation.


  • Starting From Scratch
  • Legal Structure
  • Finance Structure
  • Investment Memorandum
  • Selling the Investor
  • Pre-Production Business
  • Production Business
  • Post Production Business 
  • Budgets
  • Sales Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Performance Tracking
  • Post-mortem Auditing

The Business Lab features Tipstor® seasoned Hollywood professionals sharing their knowledge and experience with the intent of launching many careers and positively influencing the quality of future films and tv entertainment. Students/Fellows will be able to experience firsthand what it’s like to work in a real Hollywood movie studio, on projects being produced and created by Tipstor®, where the magic happens.

Our team will show Students/Fellows how they can be a valuable part of any Hollywood film studio or production team, where everyday is an insightful, hands-on opportunity to learn how their talent can be part of a Tipstor® project. When Students/Fellows train at the Business Lab, not only will they be disciplined as a Hollywood film artist, but they will learn by working on an actual film.


1. Real-World Training

Intensive 40-hour weeks for applying different concepts from the lessons to real life studio expectations under Tipstor® directives.

2. Contribute to Projects

Usage of Students/Fellows’ work in Tipstor® feature film projects, including marketing ideas, budgeting, script notes, agreement reviews, and much more.

3. Work Portfolio

Receive assistance and direction in putting together a great business package portfolio at the end of the Business Lab certificate program, which Students/Fellows can show to any Hollywood studio for which they want to work.

4. Practice Interviews

Practice interviews and career training with a veteran Hollywood hiring manager and studio Director to help Students/Fellows get their dream executive job in Hollywood.   

5. Certificate of Achievement

Receive an official Tipstor® Business certificate, in partnership with one of several universities to take to the next Hollywood entertainment career job.

6. Internship Validation

Fulfill internship requirements by many college film programs.

When a Student/Fellow receives a graduation certificate from the Business Lab, they will have a professional portfolio that any film or Hollywood studio would love to see.

NOTE: Until further notice, all Tipstor® Labs will be held virtually, via Zoom.