Tipstor organizes and facilitates the casting of Actors for all roles in a film or television series. This involves working closely with Directors and Producers to understand their requirements, and suggesting ideal artists for each role, as well as arranging and conducting interviews and auditions. Once the parts are cast, the Tipstor acts as a liaison between the Director, the Actors and their Agents.

We have an extensive knowledge of Actors and their suitability for a particular role. On larger productions, Tipstor may supervise casting assistants, who will support and assist them in this work.

In pre-production, Tipstor liaises with both the Director and the Producer, who rely on Tipstor to assist them to assemble the perfect cast for the film. Consequently, Tipstor must have in depth and up-to-date knowledge of new and existing acting talent. We are responsible for matching the ideal Actor to each role, based on a number of factors, such as the Actor’s experience, ability, reputation, availability and box office appeal. Tipstor also works closely with production accountants to prepare the casting budget.

Tipstor organizes, conducts interviews, and auditions for each part, and we are also in charge of offering each Actor an appropriate fee to appear in the film, as well as drawing up and negotiating the terms and conditions of contracts with Agents, once casting is complete. Tipstor has a vast knowledge of a huge range of Actors, and an extensive understanding of their abilities, as well as a thorough appreciation of changing talent trends within the film industry. This requires a strong instinct for acting talent, and great dedication and commitment. A deep passion for the craft of acting is essential.

Our negotiation and organizational skills are also invaluable for agreeing Actors’ fees, and arranging the terms and conditions of their contracts. In order to cast the ideal Actor for a key role in a film or television series, Directors and Producers have to be highly selective, and may be extremely demanding, so it is vital that Tipstor works hard and diplomatic at all times on behalf of our clients.