Is Tipstor® Script Doctoring Right for You?

Frustrated? Confused? Time-poor? Our service was designed to ease your development pain:

  • Have you been struggling with a script? Can’t see the wood from the trees anymore?
  • Do you have a script with a great core premise, poorly executed?
  • Are you battle-weary of evasive lit agents and a bloated process?
  • Time-poor? Want someone to go away and perfectly execute YOUR vision?
  • Need a fresh, dynamic collaborator to bounce ideas off?
  • Don’t have the budget for a multi-credited writer?
  • Do you seek a writer who’ll actually stick to the brief!
  • Want the all-court benefits of a (script consultant + screenwriter) = script doctor!

Our Script Doctoring Process: Step-By-Step

8 transparent steps to script development heaven:

Step #1: We Read Your Script

First, we we need to read your script. Book our Script Doctor, and our genre-specialist will respond with some overview notes on the doctoring, and a full quote.

Step #2: You’ll Receive a Quote

A genre-specialist script doctor will be assigned to your script, read it, and deliver overview creative notes. You’ll also receive a quote in terms of both price and the number of weeks, dedicated script doctoring we believe the script needs.

Step #3: Contract Time

Presuming our quote is acceptable, we move forward swiftly to our standardized contract and schedule the work, too. Typically we encourage “rest weeks” in the schedule to allow the whole process to breathe.

Step #4: Initial Creative Set-Up

With the paperwork out of the way the fun really begins: you’re now in direct contact with our designated script doctor. Further discussions take place relating to the direction of the script. You either come equipped with a clear brief, or work with our script doctor to lock down the narrative.

Step #5: Beat-Sheet Sign Off

By now you’ve been exchanging ideas with our script doctor, and he/she has a very clear idea of what you, the client, want. You’ll now be sent a fresh beat sheet detailing the script changes you’ve been discussing.

Step #6: Rewriting commences

Having signed off on the new beat sheet for your script, our script doctor now begins executing the changes you’ve prepared between you. You can either kick back at this point and get on with the day job or be in constant creative contact with your script doctor. You decide, you’re in charge.

Step #7: Proto-Draft Delivered

As suggested, we typically try and schedule our bookings “4 weeks over 6 weeks” or “8 weeks over 12 weeks” to give the process room to breathe. You’ll often receive a “proto-draft” script to feedback on, before the final delivery.

Step #8: Final draft delivered

It’s now the end of the script doctoring journey. Often on conventional writer bookings the deadline drifts and drifts some more, and some more. But we NEVER miss a deadline. It’s in the contract, and you can bet the house on us hitting it.

Start The Script Doctoring Process

Kick off the Tipstor® script doctoring process by booking our Script Doctor’s Assessment services. Our genre-specialist will read your script and we’ll issue you with some thoughts on the script doctoring and a full quote. Remember: you’re in creative control throughout.

Ready to Meet Our Script Doctors?

Our script doctoring department includes genre specialists with demonstrable industry experience of both sides of the script development fence, screenwriting and script editing/consultancy.

As we explained on our definition of a Script Editor page, there are essentially two “families” of terms when referring to script development professionals:

  • script editors / script readers/ script consultants / script analysts /coaches/gurus.
  • script doctors.

Script doctors differ from the other types of professional in that the others are reactive whereas a script doctor is proactive.

A script doctor will actually re-write parts, or even all, of a script. They will provide feedback in the same way a script editor will, but they will also suggest improvements and then go away and actually implement these improvements themselves.

One of the vital skills of a script doctor is to be able to remove their ego from the equation and stick tightly to a brief. Script doctors, although often responsible for vastly improving movies and TV shows, are rarely publicly credited and do most of their work unseen.

Script Doctoring: In Brief

How Much Does It Cost

Our script doctoring prices are quoted for on a case-by-case basis and charged weekly (ie. “6 weeks f/t doctoring at $___”). This isn’t one-off script notes and a serious development professional is going to be clearing their decks and committing to massively progressing your project. You’ll need an appropriate budget (thousands not hundreds in USD terms) in place beforehand, therefore. After we’ve read your script we can deliver a precise quote.

Who Art Script Doctors

You can view our script doctor profiles above, by genre. Please note in addition to the doctors below we have a broader pool of script doctors that we bring in on a case-by-case basis, depending on the project. Remember all our script doctors come with the IS stamp of authenticity: we’re the only script development company with over 1,000 verified testimonials, and we’re hopeful our track record speaks for itself in that regard. We also work with other, higher-profile screenwriters who for obvious reasons do not wish it known to the wider industry that they do uncredited script doctoring work. We also have relationships with several high-level development people who have worked extensively on both sides of the development fence (ie. as writer and development executive/reader/editor), and have found this type of writer is extremely good at hitting a brief, and not diverting from the client’s wishes. Once we know more about your project, we’re able to match a suitable script doctor to it. Just book our Script Doctor’s Assessment service to get your work matched to a script doctor. As with all our script development services, we stand by the quality of our work, and with hundreds of customer reviews online you can be sure your project is in the safest hands possible with us. For absolute clarity, however, it’s worth noting that you are hiring Industrial Scripts the company to complete the work, your contract is with us, and the choice of individual script doctor is at our discretion.

What Happens With Credit

Our script doctors are not credited on your project. They receive no payment on the first day of principal photography, have no legal rights in the work, and are not involved beyond the end of their contract with you (unless you wish them to be). The system is quick, easy and intended to cut through all the usual red tape associated with bringing on a new writer to a project. The only contractual stipulation we insist on is that in the event we wish to, we and our individual script doctor will be credited as “Script Editor: John Doe on behalf of Industrial Scripts”, “Script Doctor” or “Script Consultant” on your project.

Does Tipstor® offer pure writing services?

Sometimes a client will approach us without an existing screenplay, or sometimes without even a treatment or pitch document.

They’ll have an idea for a great TV show or movie, and want to develop it with us.

In this instance we act as an agency, placing one of our writers on it in a conventional manner.

No treatment or pitch doc? No time or manpower to develop while you write other projects?

Simply raise a fresh ticket at our dedicated support centre, below, with as much information about your project as possible, the budget already in place, and any further information and we’ll get right back to you.


The script doctoring service was excellent and helped me enormously on the problems and opportunities between drafts. I would highly recommend Tipstor.” – Brian Huey, Huey Media