Screen & Script Writing

Do you remember the last time you watched something that kept you riveted to the screen? Whether a YouTube video or a TV commercial, whatever the message, it kept you watching. The secret? All ads are built around a written message. Powerful visuals, from a national P&G TV advertisement to a small business menu, become iconic with very direct, memorable text. The results of sweat and tears on the part of our talented writers.

With a few direct sentences, your entire message can be captured and worded through script writing that is done well. Unlike other content, script content can be ready for distribution audibly or visually to any audience anywhere, and can be replicated through brand message over and over without exhaustion. It’s that piece of content that becomes memorable with the right writer.

Do What You Do Best While We Write

If you’ve already tried it, you know that writing your scripts (getting less inside a message for that (more effect) isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. The more you stare at it, the worse it can get. It’s probably easier for you to go out and make cold calls for your company than write your own script. That’s where we come in! Whether it’s for screen or script, we can help complete your script writing project. It may not be a piece of cake, but we’ll take the time your project needs and put the sweat into it that will make it shine.

Our talented, creative experts at Tipstor® have what it takes to grab your visual or audible audience. Invest in a creative writer who can take your brand message and your company services and turn it into an effective script message that will impact your target audiences.

Quality & Accuracy

Besides getting a creative writer who will best fit your industry and project for your script, we have dedicated editors who Copyscape the work for 100% originality of writing, and who will also proofread for quality of work before you receive it. We ensure accuracy and originality for your script writing you’ll get nothing short of our best!