Our script doctors differ from other professionals in that the others are reactive whereas our script doctors are proactive. A script doctor will actually re-write parts, or even all, of a script. They will provide feedback in the same way a script editor will, but they will also suggest improvements and then go away and actually implement these improvements themselves.

One of the vital skills of a script doctor is to be able to remove their ego from the equation and stick tightly to a brief. Script doctors, although often responsible for vastly improving movies and TV shows, are rarely publicly credited and do most of their work unseen.


Eight (8) transparent steps to script development heaven:

Step #1: We Read Your Script

First, we we need to read your script. Book our script doctor, and our genre-specialist will respond with some overview notes on the doctoring, and a full quote.

Step #2: You’ll Receive a Quote

A genre-specialist script doctor will be assigned to your script, read it, and deliver overview creative notes. You’ll also receive a quote in terms of both price and the number of weeks, dedicated script doctoring we believe the script needs.

Step #3: Contract Time

Presuming our quote is acceptable, we move forward swiftly to our standardized contract and schedule the work, too. Typically we encourage “rest weeks” in the schedule to allow the whole process to breathe.

Step #4: Initial Creative Set-Up

With the paperwork out of the way the fun really begins: you’re now in direct contact with our designated script doctor. Further discussions take place relating to the direction of the script. You either come equipped with a clear brief, or work with our script doctor to lock down the narrative.

Step #5: Beat-Sheet Sign Off

By now you’ve been exchanging ideas with our script doctor, and he/she has a very clear idea of what you, the client, want. You’ll now be sent a fresh beat sheet detailing the script changes you’ve been discussing.

Step #6: Rewriting Commences

Having signed off on the new beat sheet for your script, our script doctor now begins executing the changes you’ve prepared between you. You can either kick back at this point and get on with the day job or be in constant creative contact with your script doctor. You decide, you’re in charge.

Step #7: Proto-Draft Delivered

As suggested, we typically try and schedule our bookings “4 weeks over 6 weeks” or “8 weeks over 12 weeks” to give the process room to breathe. You’ll often receive a “proto-draft” script to feedback on, before the final delivery.

Step #8: Final Draft Delivered

It’s now the end of the script doctoring journey. Often on conventional writer bookings the deadline drifts and drifts some more, and some more. But we NEVER miss a deadline. It’s in the contract, and you can bet the house on us hitting it.


Kick off the script doctoring process by booking our Script Doctor’s Assessment services. Our genre-specialist will read your script and we’ll issue you with some thoughts on the script doctoring and a full quote.

Remember: You are in Creative Control throughout.