Script editing is the process by which scripts are honed, draft-to-draft in TV & film.

A script editor is like a high-powered, in-person script consultant: he or she is there to extract absolutely the best performance possible from the screenwriter…

If you’re at a roadblock with a project, if you can’t see the wood from the trees, our script editing service is for you…

Since 2010, Industrial Scripts has been delivering industry-leading script development services. 

Our cherry-picked team of script consultants and script editors are dedicated to helping writers and filmmakers improve.

Script development is What We Do. 24/7.

Is Hiring a Script Editor Right for You?

Frustrated? Confused? Need firm, live feedback and direction? Let us ease your development pain:

  • Have you been struggling with a script? Can’t see the wood from the trees anymore?
  • Do you have a script with a great core premise, poorly executed?
  • Are you looking for that direct, live human feedback and counsel?
  • Lacking direction? Need someone to be accountable to?
  • Need a fresh, dynamic collaborator to bounce ideas off?
  • Looking for a pro service at affordable prices?
  • Struggling for industry insight and market knowledge?
  • Want to skyrocket your project’s potential?

Our Script Editors’ Process: Step-By-Step

4 smooth steps to an outstanding script editing session:

Step #1: Send Us Your Script

First, let’s read your script. Book our Script Editing Service, follow the instructions emailed to you, and log your script in our system.

Step #2: We’ll Read Your Script

After uploading your script, you’ll be invited to send over dates to our script editor that are convenient for you for the session to take place. In the meantime, we’ll be reading your script and prepping for the session. 

Step #3: Script editing time!

Having arranged the date, both you and our script editor get to work prepping for the session. Then, on the day, you log on to Skype armed with a lots of questions and queries about how best to improve the script

Step #4: After the Session

After the 7hr session (with a 1hr break for lunch) has taken place, our script editor then types up the “Next Steps” action points for you to focus on for the next draft. You move forward with the re-write with enthusiasm and absolute clarity about the best way forward for your script.

Start The Script Editing Process Today

Kick off the Industrial Scripts script editing process by booking here. Our script editor will go through your script with a fine-toothed comb and you can get the date for the session all booked in. Remember: you’re in creative control throughout…