Tipstor is a global network for innovators who are working to develop tech solutions for corporate challenges. We work with entrepreneurs to grow and transform business industries and ecosystems. We have more than a decade of experience accelerating startups and we work across sectors to drive a stronger future through collaborative innovation. 


Through our partners and experts, we bring together some of the leading teams in innovation, industry knowledge, and leadership management to our promising startups. We have several locations across the United States, Canada, India and South Africa. While the majority of our accelerators are industry agnostic and early-stage, we also have strategic focus on high impact and emerging categories. 70% of our participants will launch a pilot product within a year.


The relationship between corporations and startups has changed dramatically since 2008 when we first launched Tipstor. In fact, the number of corporate investments in startups tripled in just the last four years from 2017 to 2021, with total value growing from $19 billion to $180 billion. It is now an imperative for corporations to engage with startups to identify the teams and technologies that will advance their business.

Tipstor works with corporate and industry partners to build and accelerate their innovation strategies. We leverage our global network to drive meaningful relationships with startups, connect corporations into the startup ecosystems, and support cultural transformations.


Tipstor mission and model is designed to drive increased connectivity and density across all key innovation stakeholders: Government (federal, state, and municipal), corporations, academia, media, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. Connectivity and density attracts and support startups who seek access to resources (talent, expertise, capital, customers) in order to learn and grow quickly. Connectivity and density also benefit industry who also need to be proximate to the teams and technologies that will drive future innovation.

Intentional investment in innovation ecosystems is a critical pillar of 21st century economic development strategies. We don’t have to build it at a mega scale, we just need to be thoughtful to make sure we are creating an ecosystem and not just one component of an ecosystem.

Tipstor works actively with the public and private sector to support the growth of innovation economies in the regions in which we work in the U.S and internationally.