You might think with all of the new digital platforms out there now, it’s easier to get your project distributed. Actually, it’s just gotten more complicated. The good news is, there is a lot of opportunity to reach your audience and to keep more revenue.

But you have to understand the new system and make the right choices for you and your project.

This content-packed workshop will give you not only a comprehensive overview of all of those choices, but will also give you concrete steps to paving a path of success. No matter what length, genre or stage of production, implementing the content of this workshop will be a game-changer for you.

And we’ve now added an optional DAY TWO where you can get individualized attention in formulating your exact distribution strategy and step-by-step implementation plan! 


Learn where distribution stands today for every genre and budget of film, how to find your audience and maximize your sales. DAY 1 lays the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of film distribution, empowering you to seek out deals from an educated and confident place, helping you to decide when to go DIY, and when to create a Hybrid Distribution Plan. You’ll understand who the players in the industry are, how to negotiate deal points, how to access your paying audience, and what steps you can take to sell your film today.

A Detailed Strategy Intensive (limited to 8 projects)

DAY 2  focuses deeply on YOUR project’s path. Anna and Jilann will work with you to forge a CUSTOMIZED STRATEGY that will monetize your project from now until many years into the future. No matter where you are in the distribution process, we’ll help you plan to make the best of your opportunities (even with an OLD film!). You’ll be formulating a long-term strategy for your film’s release that will leave you with peace of mind and a precise plan to follow.

“I found both days useful with heaps of information. I feel much more confident about getting my work out to distribution. On Day 2, I found the other presentations and the varied experiences of the participants really interesting. You covered the range from me (just starting out in terms of distribution) to those who had been out, with varied results. Lessons to be learned from each one. Keep doing it! – Ord Morgan”The workshop met my expectations big time. I have been extremely lonely in this project, and to have a peer group where I didn’t have to explain background and just get to the point, was EXTREMELY enlivening and beneficial. And to be in a room with other low budget documentary lovers/makers – priceless. Because, come on large budget documentarians have their staffs and structures that we don’t have. I just cherished every moment and loved hearing about other people’s processes.” – Ellen Snortland, “Beauty Bites Beast”
This workshop is an important investment in the success of your project, no matter if you’re in development, production, or distribution.

Please note: Day 1 is a Pre-Requisite to take Day 2
(You qualify if you have taken HOW TO SELL YOUR FILM previously)

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How to Identify & Find Your Core, Paying Audience

How to Stay in a Position of Power throughout the Distribution Process

Windows and Rights- Learn What to Sell and When, including Theatrical, Semi-theatrical, SVOD, TVOD, VOD, Broadcast, Educational & DVD (yes, it still exists)

The Players in the Distribution Field – Companies and Titles

Must-have Marketing Tools & Branding

Digital Platforms and How to Get Them to Carry Your Film

Deliverables and Costs for Different Platforms, Windows and Markets       

Getting Into and Navigating Film Festivals, Markets and Forums

Selling & Pitching at Markets and Forums

Contracts & Terms

Negotiating Contracts in Your Favor

What Rights You Must Keep

Broadcast Sales, including Navigating the PBS System        

Opportunities in Non-traditional Theatrical and Semi-Theatrical Distribution

Corporate Sponsorships & Grants for Distribution & Outreach

DIY Educational Distribution

Monetizing Grassroots & Activist Distribution

Finding and Working with Niche Distributors

Creating and Working with Affiliate Partners for Maximum Reach & Profits

Insurance and Legal Issues

DAY TWO (open to just 10 projects): 

Armed with all the info from Day 1, we will dive in deep to create a customized strategy for the marketing and distribution of YOUR project. 

We will be examining where you are right now with your film, who your audience is, best paths to accessing sales, your marketing message, and the windows you have available to exploit.

We will craft a multi-year monetization plan for YOUR FILM. (yes, this is possible!)

We will cover Budgeting for Distribution. Now that you have these plans – what will it cost? Be prepared!

We will cover Fundraising for Distribution. Every plan is going to need some kind of start-up $. Where will you get yours? We’ll give you lots of ideas to help you get launched.

You will receive INDIVIDUALIZED, HANDS-ON help from Anna and Jilann so that you leave with a clear plan for YOUR ENTIRE DISTRIBUTION ROLL-OUT


“Led by Anna Darrah and Jilann Spitzmiller, the workshop was everything the title suggested. SO much information was packed into that eight hour session, very little of which I understood going in. I took roughly 50 pages of notes, which I started to go through last night. It will likely take quite a while to absorb the key parts, but it was worth every cent. Clearly I would have made big, costly mistakes without it. Now I have resources to move forward.” — Daniel B

“I can’t remember when so much useful and topical information was presented in a workshop in such a succinct and accessible way. Thanks for all your hard work.” – Jennifer T

“Thanks for a much needed day of highly useful information and all your big-hearted support and to everyone who showed up. This business ain’t for sissies!!” – Katie T

“Your workshop was so very helpful! Thanks to both Jilann and Anna for all your hard work preparing such an informative and well presented seminar–it was worth 16 hours in a car! And I am not a fan of long drives!” – Leslie E

“Thank you for an amazingly informative, well organized, and fun workshop! Please do let us know when you hold a sequel – I have a lot of film friends I’d love to send your way.”- Emily F

“What an amazing presentation! Thank you for creating such a helpful workshop and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Enjoyed meeting new and interesting fellow film makers plus it was fun to see familiar faces.” – Melissa A

“Thank you so much for generously sharing knowledge. I learned so much and will now work on a distribution plan with the tools you gave us. Thanks so much!” – Donna W

“Thanks so much! We were the beneficiaries of your incredible knowledge and preparation for this workshop! Well done.” – Jason D

If you have any questions, please send an email to

We are sure you’ll love this workshop and we guarantee it. If you are not 100% satisfied with the workshop content, request a refund within 24 hours and we will fully refund your tuition.