EcoJock™ showcases extreme sports and activities that go to greater or exaggerated lengths. This means that the activities involve higher amounts of physical struggles, speed, height, and hazards. Extreme sports was first coined in 1995, thanks to the television show X Games, which was created by ESPN. Since it started in 1995, it has become even more popular over the years. Ecojock will help raise the profile of the extreme sports we see and even enjoy today, such as snowboarding and mountain biking, to name a few.

Ecojocks™ is exploring animal all-stars and comparing them with our own athletes. Discover that it’s simply no contest when this Natural Born Athlete, the Shortfin Mako Shark flexes its muscles, power, and athleticism. It is the animal I would chose for our team, it’s perfect! Humans have always proved their fitness levels by becoming athletes. But they’re nothing compared to the greatest animal athletes. Soon we will no longer be able to see many of these superb athletes in their natural habitat, they are all endangered, and may vanish from Earth very soon if we don’t do something to protect them…NOW!