Our motivation is an overwhelming desire to effectively develop and launch products, media, and technology to the world with a Hollywood storytelling flare. We are guided by curiosity, a questioning of the status quo, and a desire to invent or acquire new products and brands.


A talent for creating and executing brilliant advertising campaigns that captures imaginations worldwide.” – Darren Dension, CEO, DGE

“An essential entrepreneurial partnership to expand our operations in key markets.”  – Gin Kai Chan, CEO, Silver Media Group

“Possesses a keen vision on how to successfully market brands and products on a global scale. ” – Michael Edwards, CEO, Premier Attractions

Find new ways to engage with talented execs like Marc!” – Jim Gianopulos, Chairman & CEO, 20th Century Fox

“Exemplifies innovativeness, honest reflection and business intelligence, all important attributes of an ideal consultant.”  – Chris Chia, CEO, MDA