We are a marketing consulting service headed by Marc Ford, providing specialist strategic direction geared to support business start-ups and established small to medium sized companies. We tailor our service to meet your specific needs and budgets because we understand the importance of the bottom line.

Whether your business is a startup or mature, big or small, growing or struggling, it is sometimes hard to justify an extra cost, particularly when the return on investment is hard to measure. If this sounds familiar then you are not alone, we hear this concern all the time.

Using a specialist marketing consulting service has many benefits, including


– In house employees or large full service agencies are a significant cost burden for most businesses versus ‘as needed’ consultants

Specialist skills

– As with most professions, there are generalists and specialists. Your consultant can tap into exactly the right expertise to complete the assignment


– Whether you have a one-time project or ongoing needs using a consultant provides you with flexible options

The core principles of marketing to achieve a competitive advantage are a constant across business types, sectors, and regions. At Tipstor® we are able to draw upon a thorough understanding of these principles, grounded in a strong academic foundation combined with decades of experience delivering growth in sales and profits for some of the world’s most respected companies and brands to help translate your own competitive advantage into sustainable success.

We are a boutique consulting service, which means we are a relatively small business providing high quality expertise at an affordable price. We achieve this by:

  • Focusing on a limited number of projects at any given time
  • Maintaining a low overhead by utilising our network of trusted expert partners as needed (e.g. PR, and SEO)

Delivering marketing success requires more than just understanding the fundamental principles. Nothing beats experience and a commitment to achieve goals.