Our cultural exchange program designed to foster relationships between International entrepreneurial professionals. Our members utilize the blueprints that we have collectively developed to establish reputable service businesses in 3 key online sectors – Marketing Services, Technical Services, and Creative Services.

Pre-established agencies also frequently join us to learn how to access and select dozens of new clients each year, especially “big name” clients who make ideal case studies.

The Fine-Tuned Machine

When you’re lucky enough to have a network community of over 300 active people constantly testing new business tactics, strategies and funnels, and you keep refining and refining, throwing out the junk, and keeping the pure gold, you can be sure to generate extraordinary blueprints for extremely fine-tuned business machines. Each new member has been able to harness the power of literally hundreds of successful members’ proven best practices.

Being part of a powerful network community leverages your life. You’re no longer some solo “want-trepreneur”, facing down huge burdens without support, encouragement or guidance. Instead you’ve got down-to-Earth people who have already “made it”, helping you learn at a great pace and elevate yourself to higher and higher levels.

Building businesses, attracting noteworthy clients, creating real value for people and communities, meeting up all over the world… It’s really an amazing way to live.

The Three (3) Essentials To Network Success

1. Essential: Contribution is Key

We are constantly and rapidly upgrading our business models to be more robust, consistent, and effective. And the way we do that is with proven data about what’s working right now.

The world is constantly changing and no one person can know everything, but with a group effort, with each member contributing their best proven tactics and strategies for leads, sales, management and delivery, it’s possible to run truly cutting-edge businesses that contribute high value and genuinely deserved high returns.

2. Essential: The Right People

When we first started the Tipstor® network community, we were more than happy to take almost anyone. Now we consider that a catastrophic approach for any business. When we finally chose to only let in people who were similar in personality, values and intelligence to successful members, that was the key moment when our success become exponential. Screening applications and rejecting most people led us to an insanely high success ratio, as well as happiness, cohesion and productivity throughout the network community.

3. Essentials: Members’ Clients’ Success

We focus not only on lead generation, or funnel, but also on being a good business person. That means conducting business with integrity, sincerity and authenticity, and doing everything in your power to ensure your clients receive the outcomes they’re looking for.

We are here to do big things in the world, to contribute, to make an impact, to upgrade culture. Time and time again, it’s the people with a colossal “reason why” that are the most successful.

NOTE: Until further notice, Tipstor® Mentorship Program will be held virtually, via Zoom, WhatsApp, or Google Meet.