We are dedicated to providing service and quality that will exceed your expectations. The result is a beautiful custom ebook that reflects the personality of your business.

Where Writers Become Authors

Our authors with experience can convert eBooks themselves with third-party software. But for most, turning a manuscript into an eBook is a complex process where it’s easy to miss steps, like verifying metadata. The only guaranteed way to make a professional eBook is with expert help. We’ll manually convert, check, and publish your eBook then send you a free proof to approve our work before it’s published.

eBook Self-Publishing Services

Professional eBook conversion, design, and formatting all at an affordable price. Everything your eBook needs is right here:

  • Professional book editing: Fast and affordable editing by experienced book editors.
  • Professional eBook covers: Stand out on the digital shelf with a gorgeous eBook cover.
  • Facebook Ads for Authors: Promote your book to readers on the world’s largest social media platform.
  • Fixed layout for eBooks with many images: Perfect for children’s books, graphic novels, and cookbooks
  • eBook distribution: Sell your eBook in the world’s biggest bookstores.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book that can easily be read on a computer or handheld device, with properly formatted text and images, no matter the size of the screen. The text is reflowable — meaning when one screen is full, it will flow to the next — and the images will resize to fit screen proportions.

eBooks are also the fastest way to self-publish your book worldwide, making it easy for millions of readers to find, buy, and enjoy your book online on retail sites like Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Store, Apple Books, and many more. With eBooks, readers can take hundreds, even thousands of books on the go, and all on one device.

The Recipe For Success

We provide all the ingredients you need to make your ebook beautiful and unique. Your material deserves the best – that’s why we offer a variety of formats and options from which you can choose. Use one of our attractive stock cover and divider sets, design your own, or let our talented artists create a custom design for you. Personalize your ebook by adding pages with your information, stories, and photos. For the perfect finish, choose from a selection of extras to enhance your ebook, such as full-color Tips.

Unsurpassed Quality

We have built a reputation on a long-standing tradition of quality and personal service that remains unmatched among ebook publishers. Your ebook will be designed with unsurpassed quality during every step of the process. Unique products and features have made us the industry innovator.

We give 100% effort to create an outstanding ebook that reflects the unique qualities and personality of your business. Our goal is to provide you a beautiful ebook that exceeds your expectations and surpasses all your ebook sales goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eBooks Need a Fixed Layout?

It all depends on what type of eBook you’re writing. Fixed Layout files allow your eBook to display images and text the same way across different eBook readers. eBooks that would benefit from Fixed Layout files can include illustrated children’s books, cookbooks, graphic novels, and coffee table books.

Our team of experts can turn your finished manuscript into an eBook with a Fixed Layout created for Amazon’s Kindle and Apple Books. Contact us today for more information and to get started!

How Can I Publish an eBook?

Publishing an eBook is simple when you work with us. We have every self-publishing service you need, all in one place – including eBook conversion, professional book editing, eBook cover design, and much more. Plus, we offer distribution around the globe, including through Amazon KDP Select!

How Do I Sell My eBook?

Selling your eBook has never been easier than with our marketing services. First, you’ll have the option to sell your book directly to readers with Bookshop. Bookshop is your own personal, one-stop-shop where you’ll earn more profits, expand your reach, get paid sooner, and have total control over your page content.

Additionally, we also offers Social Media Ads for Authors, Display Ads for Authors, and metadata optimization. Plus, you can sell your eBook in the world’s biggest bookstores with our global eBook distribution services. You can now also work with both us and Amazon KDP Select Publishing, so you’ll get the benefits of both services while expanding your reach to new readers.

Where Can You Buy an eBook?

eBooks are becoming more and more popular, and can be bought from Amazon, Google, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, ebooks.com, Apple Books, etc. Additionally, our authors have their own personal sales pages on Tipstor.