Our ULTIMATE Online Screenwriting Course has now been taken by over 20,000 writers and filmmakers!

Writing a Movie Is Undeniably TOUGH: Our Online Screenwriting Course Skyrockets Your Odds of Success

In the online screenwriting course we’ll teach you how to:

Maximize Your Writing Time

Time – or the lack of it – is the great pain point of the screenwriter. You can’t develop all your ideas in to full scripts. You can’t write all day, because you’ve got a day job. With us you’ll learn the pro tips and tactics to get the most of yourself, and your time.

Network (Even If You Know No-One In Showbiz)

Building relationships is an absolutely fundamental part of being a screenwriter. Today, you have to hustle, as well as write well – there’s no other way. We teach you all the short-cuts and insider tactics.

Dodge Mistakes & Accelerate Progress

Working out how to start your career as a screenwriter is one of the trickiest parts of the process, both creatively and in a business sense. After taking our course, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of the pathway ahead, what to do, and crucially what NOT to do…

About The Fundamentals of Screenwriting

Screenwriting is a craft, but when you begin to unpick your favourite shows and movies it’ll soon become clear that there’s familiar methods, systems and narrative structures in play. After taking our course you’ll know screenplay structure, back to front.

Our Courses Are a Mixture of Video, Text, Quizzes and Writing Exercises

Our courses have been deliberately designed to encourage writers to learn as they write. Ideally, you’ll complete a full movie script as you work your way through the modules and lessons. Ultra-specific exercises that you can do even when you’re not online are peppered throughout the course, so you’re writing even on your daily commute!

Give Your Script The Best Start In Life…

The screenplay, so they say, is like a writer’s baby: you birth it, raise it, sustain it, and then release it in to the world. But there are so many pitfalls, both in terms of the artistic process, and The Industry. Skyrocket your odds of success with ULTIMATE Screenwriting, you won’t regret it!

Our Unique Quiz System Pushes You to Absorb The Information

You probably think the quizzes in our courses are easy, right? Think again: we’ve made them deliberately tricky to keep you on your toes while you’re learning. Our system won’t let you move forward to the next lesson until you’ve nailed the quiz. True character is only revealed under pressure.

ULTIMATE Online Screenwriting Course – Course Structure

The online screenwriting course is broken down in to 6 core Modules, consisting of individual Lessons. At the end of each Lesson there’s a Quiz element, and users need to pass the Quiz in order to advance to the next Lesson.

MODULE A) | An Introduction to Screenwriting

3 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes

  • The Basics of Screenwriting ? definitions, elements, unique challenges
  • What is Story
  • Screenplay Format

MODULE B) | Generating and Filtering Your Ideas

4 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes

  • Stages of Screenwriting – Loglines, Synopsis, Treatment, Script
  • Generating Ideas / Judging Ideas / Testing Ideas
  • Genre – genres & overview – writing through a filter
  • Plot Types
MODULE C) | Constructing Your Narrative

5 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes

MODULE D) | Crafting Complex Characters

3 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes

  • Exploring Character Functions
  • Building Character Development
  • Detailing Characterization through Action, Dialogue & Description

MODULE E) | The Writing Process

5 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes

  • Pulling Your Ingredients Together into a Plan
  • Tools of Screenwriting – Dram Tension, Mystery, Dram Irony
  • Dialogue – purposes, subtext, exercises, hiding exposition,
  • Description – do’s and don’ts
  • Pace & writing visually

MODULE F) | The Marketplace and Breaking In To The Industry

5 Lessons + Exercises + Videos + Quizzes

  • Introduction to the Feature Film Market
  • Agents, Meetings & Pitching
  • Self-Marketing, Networking, Building a Career
  • Pay and Earning Potential
  • Case Studies of Screenwriters Breaking Through