Our seasoned team have worked in the Hollywood Film & TV industry as Screenwriters, Co-Writers, GhostWriters, Script Doctors and Story Consultants – credited and uncredited – creating some of the most iconic and commercially successful movies and TV series with top Hollywood directors, Oscar-winning producers, Emmy-winning showrunners, major networks, movie studios and independent filmmakers.

Whether it is voice over for a video, screenplay for a movie, or a commercial advertising script, our unique mix of branding, digital content innovation, and copywriting experience allows us to write material that reflect a client’s brand accurately and is perfectly pairs with the projects objectives.


Are you looking to hire a screenwriter to turn your idea or story into an industry-standard screenplay? How about creative input and assistance to develop and write a well-structured script, or perhaps you have already started a script and you have a draft that may require a rewrite or polish? Our advice in any of these situations is to hire us and add our professional writers to your story team.

We’ve scripted films that have earned millions of dollars at the box office. Received overall Fresh’ ratings on Rotten Tomatoes from leading critics, including Variety and the LA Times. And scored A grades from movie-going audiences, polled by industry-leader CinemaScore.

What’s the difference between hiring a screenwriter vs. hiring a professional screenwriter. Simply put — industry experience. There are many wannabes out there who see the job title of “screenwriter” and think to themselves, “Hey, I’m a writer! I offer writing services, so why not offer screenwriting too! How hard can it be?”

As professional screenwriters, we can tell you that there’s a big difference between offering a screenwriting service and actually backing up that service with proven experience and expertise. We have experience working one-on-one with producers, directors, actors, development executives, filmmakers, investors, analysts, consultants and other screenwriters.

Check out our qualifications to see why we get hired as a Screenwriter:

  • We are full-time screenwriters.
  • We’ve optioned and sold scripts to production companies and producers.
  • Our scripts have been produced for the screen and distributed worldwide.
  • Our projects have recouped their budgets and generated millions of dollars in profit.
  • Our films are regarded as critically successful with positive reviews.
  • Our writers are repped by the top Hollywood agencies, including WME and CAA
  • Our scripts have won international awards.

Though you might still be tempted to hire a less qualified screenwriter; from our experience, it’s not going to get you where you want to go. If you want to win over a producer or agent, then you need to know that you truly only have one chance to impress them — and that’s after you have impressed the gate-keepers and decision-makers who read your script before they ever do.

Our reputation is built on first impressions and always delivering a script that presents the project in the best possible light to succeed. For that reason, we would always recommend hiring a professional. So, if you need a screenplay to be ready for Hollywood – we’re here so you can hire who Hollywood hires. In fact, you can hire who the world hires.

We have extensive international experience in film, television and advertising, including Australia, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, India, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Brazil, and collaborated with people from around the world to deliver scripts that are greenlight-worthy.

We can brainstorm, develop, write, rewrite, edit, story consult on your screenplay, teleplay, book adaptation, treatment, logline, synopsis, pitch, query letter…and much more.