Many adults with ADHD choose to be self-employed because they are creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Others choose self-employment out of necessity because they struggle with getting and holding a job. In fact, there seems to be a larger representation of ADHDers among self-employed individuals. Self-employment provides a lot of flexibility but also presents its share of challenges, this is why we chose to address this segment of the working population. In this section, you will find a number of subjects that pertain to you if you are self-employed or are considering it.


This page makes a case for considering entrepreneurship as a career choice for adults with ADHD, describes the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship and provides solutions to improve your success as an entrepreneur dealing with ADHD.

Work-Life Balance

This pages describes one of the greatest challenges of all entrepreneurs, regardless of whether or not they have ADHD, and addresses ways to achieve the near perfect balance that works for you.

ADHD Home Office 

Entrepreneurs with ADHD often are challenged with a work environment that doesn’t allow them be productive. This section offers trick and tips on the best way to manage that productivity hurdle.

Self-Employment Tools

Starting and running a business can be filled with overwhelming hurdles.  The great news is that technology has leveled the playing field and made becoming an entrepreneur much easier and accessible to more people. The challenge is to separate the great tools from the duds. In this section, you’ll find articles and links to information on different tools that you can use that can make a huge difference.