We are an award winning, next-generation, incubator engaged in multiple aspects of strategic planning, development, and research. Our mission is to generate success for clients with proven, high-quality marketing expertise utilizing entertainment to drive sales for brands. We provide development services to some of the most widely known entertainment and new media companies in the world, bringing high-quality content to a fast growing worldwide audience across all viewing platforms.









Creative content is arguably the hottest and most cost effective way to attract attention, engage an audience and promote a product. We have a genuine passion for all things creative. From your logo to your marketing materials , we help you define they way the world sees you.


We are a global player in movie, television series and advertising production. Tipstor also provides worldwide distribution, marketing, finance, strategic planning and creative services to media clients. We are focused on developing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

We maintain a strong, seasoned and award-winning creative network in order bring the best possible movies, television series and advertising commercials to our target audience. We shepherd projects from script to screen.


  • Advertising
  • Film Production
  • TV Production
  • Books / Ebooks
  • Trailers / TV spots
  • Reality series
  • Photography
  • Podcasts


Uniquely qualified in development as well as on-set production, we are producing an unforgettable slate of animated and live action movies, television series and brand commercials that will capture audiences’ imaginations worldwide.

We produce content based entirely on market driven feedback directly from our target audience – the end users. This ensures that the product we produce or co-produce is not only creatively successful, but, most importantly, financially successful.

Our award winning creative team celebrates creativity, innovation and big ideas in every form that inspires people to engage with the content, product or brand.


1. Strategic and Business Ideas

It’s not common for a creative boutique to love strategic thinking, but that’s how we roll. From inventing business products to dissecting a new strategic direction for an old product or brand, we use any available client-provided research, or apply the latest digital and traditional tools to get to the bottom of the matter.

2. Social Design and Advertising

Everything needs to be integrated, social and sharable today. Even traditional design and advertising must not stand on its own, it needs to be ‘circular’ and stimulate feedback and reactions from customers. We have worked with all types of budgets and surprise our clients all the time with ideas that are affordable and highly effective.

3. In-House Production

This is what we do on premises; strategy, design, branding, all phases of digital and traditional advertising, (digital) radio, TV, video and social media. On projects that require digital coding, we partner with our clients, their vendors or with our partners around the globe.

4. Digital and Traditional Media

We may be small, but we can (and do) compete