Few things motivate us to take a leap like hearing the stories of people who dared something great—and soared.

On these pages, you’ll read about people with ADHD from all walks of life who have found success at work. People just like you, who battle against time that slips through fingers, papers that pile on desks, and memories that fade like mist. People with various occupations and challenges. The only difference between them and you is that they’re a few steps ahead on the journey.

So follow in their footsteps, because they’ve blazed a trial. Try something new to tackle a workplace challenge, and start living up to your full potential. Your employer will be pleased by your performance improvement, and you’ll have drafted your own story about ADHD success at work.

Sharing the Secrets of a Successful ADHD Business Executive:  An Interview with Bob Madonna and Adam Cohen
Do What Makes You Happy

What Happens When Employers Invest in ADHD Employees

Here’s a success story about an ADHD employee who became an ADHD hero when his employer decided to invest in him. (Story by Judy Brenis)