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We ADHDers struggle with various symptoms that interfere with our ability to manage time, maintain focus, organize our daily lives, and memory issues as well. This page will provide you with articles discussing current and future technologies that can improve your quality of life in those symptomatic areas we ADHDers struggle with. In addition to discussing technology, we will also provide strategies on how to use this technology at home and in the work place.

Social Media and ADHD, Part II: 10 Tips for Managing Digital Distractions
ADHD-Friendly Technology in the Workplace by Jay Carter

The list below is not exhaustive by any means however it is a meant to be a trigger to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Day planner and/or electronic task management and calendaring system
  • Timers – Useful in breaking hyper-focus as well as indicating when break time is over
  • Time-based reminder application – keeps the task list clean while helping you to not forget
  • Plenty of fresh water – essential for helping ADHD medications work and for keeping the brain clear
  • ADHD symptom tracker such as ADDA’s ADHD Storylines Application
  • Journal – useful for getting emotions out of your head
  • Objects, pictures or notes that keep your goals in sight
  • Applications to block access to certain websites or force singular focus
  • Online financial management software
  • Digital note-taking apps and file storage services