When self-employed it is very important to implement a set of tools and structures that allow you to do your best work while minimizing the symptoms of your ADHD. With new systems, applications and time management methods being introduced on a seemingly daily basis it is not possible to provide recommendations for specific tools, but here are several tools that might be useful to you.  

  • Daily planner – paper or electronic, task management and calendaring system
  • Timers – digital and/or analog – useful to interrupt hyper-focus, prompt you to start a task indicate when break time is over
  • Time-based reminder application – keeps the task list clean while helping you to not forget
  • Phone alarms, a watch with alarms
  • Scratch paper or notebook – capture incoming ideas and keep distracting thoughts at bay
  • Digital note-taking apps and file storage services
  • Squeeze toys – can ease hyperactivity when on long conference calls
  • Applications to block access to certain websites or force singular focus
  • Online financial management software
  • Music playlists that help you to focus
  • F.lux blue light filtering app for computer screen to help prepare body for sleep
  • Use software controls to shut down computer at designated time
  • Body double – set up a silent video conference with a friend or colleague as a way to have an office mate, collaborate in Google.docs, create periodic check-ins
  • Co-working space – similar in concept to the body double where workspace is shared

Useful Apps

  • f.lux
  • Remember the Milk
  • DUE
  • Trello
  • Todoist
  • DayMap


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