Managing ADD at Work Presentation

Recognizing that the stigma of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is still very present in the workplace, our team members pooled our resources to create a presentation about ADD in the workplace. This 45 to 60 minute Powerpoint presentation is targeted at human resources professionals and employers with the focus of sensitizing them to the existence and impact of ADD in adults, the challenges employees with ADD may face each day at work, how employers can help mitigate these challenges and the return-on-investment an employer will see by helping employees with ADD.

The ADDA Workplace Committee team has created a Facilitator’s Guide for anyone who is interested in presenting Managing ADD in the Workplace in their local area.

Click here for more information on this presentation and how you can become a presenter of the Managing ADD in the Workplace presentation for ADDA.

MAD Video Series on ADD at Work

During the 2014 ADDA Conference, the Workplace team saw a perfect opportunity to interview seven ADD workplace experts. With the great help of the folks at TotallyADD, interviews on subjects such as entrepreneurship, productivity at work, burnout and accommodations rights and responsibilities, were videotaped and are being produced as part of our online resources.

We are currently in the process of creating a video series.

“Did You Disclose Your ADD in the Workplace?” Survey Results

From October 2013 to February 2015, the ADDA Workplace Committee conducted an online survey to help answer a question we are often asked: “Should I disclose my ADD at work?” Over 1000 people were surveyed, however, only 641 participants completed all sections of the survey. The survey revealed that there is no perfect answer to that question. We continue to crunch the numbers to see what else can be learned.

Here are a few articles that provide results of the survey:

Should You Disclose Your ADD at Work? Survey Says…

Managing ADD at Work Workshop for HR Professionals

Recognizing that most HR professionals know very little about the impact of ADD at work and how to manage it, the Workplace Committee created and delivered a full-day workshop to educate HR professionals and employers (managers, supervisors). Attendants learned about ADD, its impact in the workplace, how employers can help their employees by using strategies such as creating a culture that celebrates differences, job redesign, using accommodations and providing coaching. Case studies were peppered throughout the workshop to illustrate the benefits of investing in employees with ADD and accreditation with SHRM* was obtained.

*SHRM: Society of Human Resources Management

ADD @ Work Website

One lesson our “Did you Disclose Your ADD in the Workplace” survey taught us, is that following disclosure of ADD from an employee, 12% of employers tried to learn more about ADD and its impacts in workplace. Google searches reveal that credible information on the best way to manage ADD in the workplace is not easy to find. Furthermore, when you consider that we spend over 30% of our lives working and preparing for or travelling to work, it isn’t surprising that employees with ADD have many questions and needs. This is why we decided to launch a website that would satisfy the needs of employees with ADD and their employers.

Future Projects:

Managing ADD in the Workplace Brochure:

This brochure will provide Human Resources Representatives and Managers with tools to help your employees with ADD make their best contribution at work and to thrive within the work environment despite of, or because of, their ADD.

Managing ADD at Work Online Training Program

This program, aimed at Human Resources professionals and employers, will be based on our workshop; however, will deliver knowledge, change attitudes, and behaviors using an online training platform, that will include video, written material, exercises and quizzes to deepen students understanding of ADD.